Friday, October 19, 2007

Funny not

You know my mum’s English is hardly there. She always say she wants to go to ‘Bryan‘. And then sometimes ’sock and sand.’ I don’t know why housewives my mum’s age can’t pronounce the supermarkets Giant or shop n save. Anyhow, I finally went to Giant the other day. It’s way too big. I don’t even know where I was. And it’s cold there too! My dad said we should bring sweaters if we’re shopping for like the month’s toiletries or smth. They sell fbt sportswear there pls.

Speaking of wear, I need to get new shoes. The Asics I always wanted shall soon replace my adidas which is in a terrible shape. There are lesser holes than before. Don’t get me wrong, the small holes from the net sort of design (for comfort and aeriation) has merged to become much larger holes. xo I think I’ll still get lime green cos orange is everywhere already. All those ass holes spoiled orange. ): I shall earn big bucks once the As are over. You know what’s the best way? Tuition. Tell all those kiasu parents you can turn their hopeless year-end results into miracle A/Bs. So you can create a sort-of crash course sort of thing and squeeze the fat wallets out of these rich families widening our income gap. We’re doing the country good! Oh and I shall do relief teaching and earn some 65 per day. Yes I need to squeeze every opportunity to get quick bucks since I am enlisting on the 25th of Jan. HELP ME. But then I am already luckier than others in class (other than yat the bloody single person that passed napha you phony!!) cos some are enlisting as early as 3 days after prom! Poor Fred. It’s okay I’ll treat you with a small portion of what I earned. Nah I won’t. :p

Ok so how’s studying coming? Very boring. The good news is, the panic button I always mention is finally found and pressed. The bad news, I don’t seem to be able to find the ’sit down and study’ button. ): Even if I do, I spend a lot of time planning what to do, earn, buy, play, earn, earn and earn after the As. HAHAHA. Sighs, this is so boring, To only be able to think of all those stuff I wanna do but am unable to for the moment. It feels like 22nd Nov is is far away. )))): Anyway tmr is my day off! I’m going to meet my old pals. (: (they are humans btw, I don’t have inanimate objects as friends. Unlike shuyun and amantha. hah.)